Shipping update 16th April

Please see below a copy of an email sent to all customers about shipping.

I just wanted to send you a very brief update as we're having a few queries through about shipping and delays on Royal Mail delivery.

I can confirm that all orders that have been placed up to midday yesterday, Wednesday 15th April, have been shipped - with daily shipments been sent out on time on orders placed by midday.

We know of a number of shipments sent over the last two weeks that have not been received within an expected timeframe, in normal times we would expect all Royal Mail 48 items to be delivered within 2 to 5 working days, usually, these would arrive on average within 3 working days. 

However, at the present time, there are areas of the UK that are experiencing severe delays and although this is very frustrating, Royal Mail is working extremely hard to get deliveries out as fast as possible.

I have just got off the phone to a Royal Mail customer service rep and would like to update you with the following:

Royal Mail are prioritising NHS drug deliveries, PPE and other healthcare products, that currently is their only priority item (understandably) 
You then have areas that are severely affected, such as London, Glasgow and Birmingham areas (to name a few) updates can be seen at the Royal Mail website:
You are also having unseen issues, for example, postal staff usually multi-crew vans and a couple of post persons will go in one van and do their rounds, this can no longer happen so, when one post person has finished their round, the van will be returned to the depot, sanitised and then the next postal person will start their rounds. This, of course, has a massive compounding effect and coupled with the bank holiday weekend, has caused issues and further delays.

I would therefore personally ask you to please bear with the postal service, please do not call them to find out where your item is, they will get to you as soon as possible. If you need to then please email me directly and I will make a judgement on what we need to do but, unless 10 working days have passed I will not be able to look into it.

Of the 100's of parcels sent with DPD over the past two weeks, we've only had a very small handful that has taken longer than their expected so, if you're in a rush for your products, please select DPD to help reduce the pressure on the Royal Mail.

I wish you all good health,

Tom Hartshorn
Your Crafts