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5 Round Tin Soy Candle Making Kit

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If you're looking for a soy candle making kit as an introduction to candle making then our 5 tin kit is perfect, this candle kit is an easy to use kit that allows you to easily follow a process to make your candles, this isn't a kit that has pre-fragranced and dyed wax, you will have the raw ingredients and be able to add everything step-by-step, just like professional chandlers would.

Kit Contents:

  • 400g Quality Soy Container Wax
  • 50ml Candle Making Fragrance (of your choice above)
  • 5 x Seamless Medium Round Tins
  • 5 x pre-waxed wicks attached to metal sustainers
  • 5 x Wooden wick holders - holds your wick straight whilst cooling
  • 5 x Sticky Wick Tabs for sticking your wick to the container
  • 2 x Different Colour Wax Dyes (colours are picked at random)
  • Scent dropper to assist in adding fragrance oil to your wax
  • Instructions - Simple to follow instructions, printed in booklet form

You will need a vessel to melt the wax in and a pouring jug to mix everything together and be suitable to use to pour your wax into the vessels. These can be added to your order above.