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Candle Making Thermometer

£7.49 excl. VAT £8.99 Inc. VAT

Candlemakers around the world know well the importance of wax thermometers.

Get the wax too hot or too cold and it can ruin the flawless surface of an ideal candle or even break or warp a container.
Here at Your Family Crafts, we've tried our fair share of thermometers while making candles; sweet thermometers, meat thermometers, even personal use thermometers, but none have been particularly well-suited to the candle making process.

Our thermometer, the Dial Style Wax Melting Thermometer With Clip, is our favourite (Not only because we designed it) because it features a clip that easily fastens it to the melting jug and allows the temperature to be taken at the centre of the molten wax, which gives a more accurate and dependable temperature reading.

It also features a prominent and easy to read dial (that never needs batteries) and a stainless steel body for heavy-duty use and easy clean-up.

This small but indispensable tool is a must for any candlemakers!