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Free UK Delivery on orders over £100 (ex. VAT & Wax Products)

Candle Making Thermometer

7 Reviews
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Candlemakers around the world know well the importance of wax thermometers.

Get the wax too hot or too cold and it can ruin the flawless surface of an ideal candle or even break or warp a container.
Here at Your Family Crafts, we've tried our fair share of thermometers while making candles; sweet thermometers, meat thermometers, even personal use thermometers, but none have been particularly well-suited to the candle making process.

Our thermometer, the Dial Style Wax Melting Thermometer With Clip, is our favorite (Not only because we designed it) because it features a clip that easily fastens it to the melting jug and allows the temperature to be taken at the centre of the molten wax, which gives a more accurate and dependable temperature reading.

It also features a prominent and easy to read dial (that never needs batteries) and a stainless steel body for heavy duty use and easy clean-up.

This small but indispensable tool is a must for any candlemakers!

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The thermometer is very easy to read

The thermometer is very easy to read, unlike those mercury ones. So if you have trouble reading the mercury thermometers, it’s a must have.


Clear readings in an inexpensive thermometer

I bought this for my husband to manage the temperature of a water bath and he loves it so much he wants another one! Readings are clear so it is easy to use. A successful and inexpensive present.

Non S.

Colour coding is helpful

I don't use this for candle making. I'm an artist and use to test the temperature of melting glue in the process of making panels. I have only begun to use it a couple of times. It seems fit for the job. I like the way the bands of temperature are colour coded. My material is,not meant to heat above 57 degrees C so it's great to be able to see by the colour what stage the heating process has reached. No danger of going over the required temperature.

Mrs D.

Just what I needed

Item arrived on time and well packaged. It is so helpful knowing the melting point of wax and pouring. It also gives the temperature for adding dyes and fragrances before pouring the wax into containers. Very happy with this product and the company. Would buy again and recommend to anyone starting out on making they own homemade candles.

L P.

Blooming brilliant!

Absolutely brilliant! I went into candle making a bit naive (you know, saw something on Pinterest and thought I can do that! ) Previously I'd had some disasters with cracks appearing and candles sinking and then realised it's all about the temperature. I have used this tonight and I have a load of perfect teacup candles. This thermometer is fab and so easy to use. Would highly recommend.