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Dropper Caps with Insert

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Black dropper cap 18mm with dropper insert.

Black Tamper Evident Dropper Cap
- for use on the 10ml bottles and other bottles with 18mm neck
- Cap has a 20mm height by 20mm width
- The cap will automatically create the tamper seal when you screw the lid on
- the dropper insert is already inside the lid and will also insert the dropper automatically, when you first screw it onto the bottle.
- the dropper is a small hole and capable of dispensing most essential oils in 1 drip quantities.
- the dropper will take longer to dispense carrier oils or thick oils like Patchouli.
- the cap is ridged, a small click or bump will be felt when screwing the cap onto this bottle for the first time.
- PET1 plastic cap. Food and pharmaceutical safe. Easiest to recycle.
- weight = 3 grams