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Large Wax Melting / Pouring Pitcher

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Our Wax Melting & Pouring Pitchers come in two very handy sizes and are prefect for using as a double boiler system to melt wax inside a normal saucepan.

The handle won't get in the way as it's got an open bottom so it'll hook over (or completely avoid) the pan you put it in.

Our Jugs come with a heat proof handle so it's isolated from the main Aluminium Body to avoid burns.

Diameter - 143mm
Height - 205mm
Diameter (at widest part) - 210mm
Liquid Volume (Maximum) - 3 Litre
Wax Volume (Recommended Maximum) - 2 Litre

Our pitchers are easy to clean too!

Using Eco Soy Wax:
All you'll need is warm water, washing up liquid and a sponge - using warm water, gently clean as you would normally do whilst washing up - when clean just dry with paper towels and leave to fully air dry before next use.

Using Paraffin Wax:
When you've finished using the pitcher, using a paper towel wipe the melted wax remnants from the jug as best as you can, ideally you'll want to use some rubbing alcohol (IPA) on a paper towel to wipe around the inside of the pitcher to clear off any wax.


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