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Lemon Candle Making Kit

£15.99 excl. VAT £19.19 Inc. VAT

Fancy trying out a new craft, or are you a candle maker and just want to try a different vessel?

These kits make amazing gifts for anyone, no matter what their tastes or hobby preferences, this kit will make 5 of your chosen glass vessels.

The candle kit comes with everything you need to create five of these great vessels that can retain from £10 to £40 each in shops... Why not make your own at home!


5 of your chosen vessels (choose dropdown above)
50ml Fragrance Oil
5 Wicks (sized correctly for the vessels)
5 Wick holders
5 Wick Stickies
Coloured Dye for Wax
Warning labels
800g Soy Wax (may vary in style/type from image)