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Supply Your Own Container Refill Kit

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Have your own containers for candles but need everything else?

Great news! Your Crafts is proud to feature this container-less kit that has all you need to make candles from your own containers.

This kit features everything* you need to make premium candles, including;

High-quality Eco Soya wax, pre-waxed & tabbed wick, sticky wick tabs to secure the wicks to the containers, wick holders to ensure your wick is held in place whilst the candle is setting, two different colour candle wax dyes (picked at random), a pipette for ensuring the perfect amount of fragrance and, of course, one of our fabulous scents from the Your Crafts collection - more fragrance oils available to buy alongside if you fancy a mixture of fragrances - just see our other items.

This kit is perfect for an introduction into candle making, for a family project or for giving as an unforgettable gift - these make fantastic gifts that are quite unique.

Note that we don’t just chuck everything into one box and then send it to you, we will place each item carefully into a specially selected box, usually a postal style presentation box and then protect it with recyclable coloured paper shred to make it look great, we’ll pop in the instructions and then pack this box into an outer shipping box to make sure it reaches you in perfect condition.

Kit Contents:

  • 1200g Quality Soya Container Wax
  • 100ml Fragrance
  • 2 x Different Colour Wax Dyes (colours are picked at random)
  • 14 Pre-waxed wicks attached to metal sustainers (varying wicks for different size containers)
  • 14 Wooden wick holders - holds your wick straight whilst cooling
  • 14 Sticky Wick Tabs for sticking your wick to the container
  • Scent dropper to assist in adding fragrance oil to your wax
  • Instructions - Simple to follow instructions, printed in booklet form

*Note that this is the Refill kit so does not include a Jug or Thermometer, these can be purchased separately of you can purchase the full kit by clicking here.