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Paraffin Wax 5860 - Pillar Wax - Pellets

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Our fully refined paraffin wax is odourless, colourless when liquid and white as a solid.

Typical melt point is between 42°C and 68°C and is insoluble in water but compatible with most vegetable, mineral and natural waxes.

  • Congealing point 56 - 60°C 
  • Needle Penetration @ 25.0°C 10 – 20 mm x 0.1 
  • Colour (Saybolt) +25 minimum 
  • INCI Name Paraffin 
  • EINECS No 232-315-6 
  • Cas No 8002-74-2

OPur paraffin waxes have numerous applications including candle making, coating of paper and board, hot melt adhesives, crayons, waterproofing and components in cosmetics, polishes, shoe care, toiletries, electrical insulations, skateboard and surf wax.

This grade is FDA and BP approved.

Supplied in pellet form in up to 25 Kilo poly bags.