Candle Dyes

After many years of testing different candle dyes, we only offer one, which we think is the best on the market in terms of performance and value.

Bekro candle making dyes are made in Germany and are regarded by many as the market leaders in candle dyes. Used by many professionals, they have an excellent ability to offer consistent colours and have minimal impact when burning candles.

We stock a range of twenty colours but are able to access the complete range of due colours as we deal directly with Bekro so get in touch if you want a specific colour that we don’t currently offer.

How to use:

With Bekro dyes, a little does really go a long way! You should only need 0.2% concentration of dye to wax, that means that if you want to colour 1kg of wax you would only need two grams of dye! We supply dye in 10g bags and so a single 10g bag would colour 5kg of wax.

As always, this is based on it been used in paraffin wax and natural waxes may need a higher percentage of dye to wax - due to natural waxes creamy natural appearance, the shade you will achieve in natural wax would be paler.

You should be adding your dye to wax at around 70°C.

Colour pallets shown will differ due to it being on a computer screen and some dyes will not look the expected colour when you receive them as they’re so concentrated they will change to the desired colour once mixed with wax.