Wicks are one of the most important parts of the candle to get right - if you choose a wick that’s too small the candle will tunnel and not burn correct, in the worst cases the wick will drown in the wax, choose too larger wick and the candle will burn too fast, too hot and potentially give off black sooty smoke!

Testing is very important with wicks as one wick that works well with one wax and fragrance oil may not work with another, frustrating at times but all part of the fun and unique craft of candle making!

On each wick page, we supply a table of wick size vs container size and although this is not an overly reliable way to size wick it will give you a starting point from which to start testing.

As a general rule, our Wedo ECO wick works best with paraffin wax (but do work with natural wax) and the Wedo VRL series works best with natural and soy wax.