Candle Making Wax

Choose the best Wax for your needs

Candle wax is the base of a candle, it’s the art that holds everything together and forms the fuel for your candle, whether it be a container candle or a pillar candle, soy (natural) or paraffin (mineral) it’s the main and biggest ingredient.

Here’s a brief rundown of what you need to know:

Natural, soy or vegetable wax is created by hydrogenating vegetable oils - this means taking an oil such as rapeseed or soy and converting the oil into a solid - this means waxes made with vegetable-based wax are natural as they’re made from renewable materials.

Paraffin wax (mineral wax) is derived from petroleum and is a byproduct of the oil purification process. Paraffin wax is very popular amongst some of the most well-known candle making brands as it’s easier to use, creates a better scent throw and gives a much clearer colour when dyed, compared to vegetable wax.

Colour: Vegetable waxes tend to have a much creamier colour when left natural and this has become popular with the more luxury brands and smaller boutique candle makers, whereas Paraffin wax has a much paler colour and tends to be dyed different colours.

What wax you need:

Containers - Glass, tin etc… You will need a “Container” wax - container wax such as  Kerasoy Container and Chandlers Grey R4 Container are waxes developed specifically for container candles.

Pillar & Votive
- Pillar wax is used for when you make a candle that is “freestanding” - container wax would be too soft for pillars so use a wax that is specifically for pillar candles, Our Chandlers Grey Melt can be used for pillar and votive as well as for making wax melts.