Soap Making Kits

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at making your own soap, be it to save on plastic waste, unique fragrances and colours or just because you’ve fancied giving it a go then we have the perfect starter kit for you!

We’ve developed this easy to use, simple kit with everything you need to create your first, simple, soaps.

Our kit contains all you need to make your soap:
Melt & Pour soap base, Fragrance Oils, Soap Moulds, Colour dyes, Silicone Spatula and instructions.

We will guide you through making your own soaps in simple steps that will allow you to make around ten of your own soaps with fragrances and different colours. 

Then, if you like what you’ve made (you will) you can simply stock up on the component parts without having to buy a new kit!

Below we have a selection of the same kit but with different soap bases, the soap base is the main part to which you add colour and scent, to get more information on the different bases click here for information on each base.