Diffuser Base Carrier Oil

Diffuser base is the main ingredient used when creating your own diffusers, diffuser base oil helps dilute the fragrance oil so it’s drawn up the reeds and then evaporates into the air, carrying fragrance into the surrounding area.

Making a reed diffuser is simple: In this example, we will use a 100ml diffuser jar.

  1. Measure out 75ml of diffuser base oil in one container
  2. Measure out 25ml of fragrance oil in another container
  3. Pour the fragrance oil into the diffuser base and gently stir to mix
  4. Carefully pour your mixed diffuser solution into the diffuser bottle
  5. Add diffuser reeds to the bottle - the more reeds you add the more scent you’ll have but it will use more solution.
  6. Voila, you have your home-made diffuser! Easy!