About us - Your Crafts

"It’s okay to make a mess, experiments can lead to beautiful things..."

As with most small businesses, we started from our home kitchen table and created the business out of necessity as we weren't able to find a reliable source of high-quality candle making supplies that stocked all that we needed.

We were also looking to find a good candle making kit to give as a gift but all the ones we came across either didn't have what we wanted, the materials were of low quality or the instructions were little more than a small piece of paper that only told us the basics.

This is where 'Your Crafts' was born, we wanted to create (and hope we have done) a one-stop shop for the highest quality candle making products, we make what we think are the best candle kits available with instructions to match.


About us:


Father of four and husband of Sarah, before Your Crafts, I ran a number of different business including a Car Detailing and Cleaning Supplies business within our local area, as well as a number of websites on various topics and a well-known pet food franchise, most of these were very people-facing, this is a total change to what Your Crafts it - it's very rare I get to actually meet one of our customers so if we have a local customer ordering it's usually a chance to get the in the car and personally deliver the order to our customers hand... our record is two hours from when the order was placed to when we had placed it in the customers hand (this would have been quicker had their house been easier to find).

I do really enjoy what I do every day as we buy everything in bulk and we then personally separate the items out into kits of different quantity - we don't outsource or import any ready-made kits as we believe that unless it needs to be specially made then we should do it in-house with a local workforce.
The only things we currently have made for us are our Thermometers and Aluminium Pitchers.


Mother of four and wife of Tom...... (I keep pestering Sarah to tell you a bit about her, it's just taking a while!)