Fragrance Oils

Our fragrance oils are all bottled here in the UK but sourced from around the globe to bring the most luxurious range of quality scents available, we have many different categories of fragrances available including fragrances similar to those available on the high street, fruity, floral, baking/food, drinks and many more.

Fragrance oils are either a blend of natural essential oils and synthetic fragrances or fully synthetic fragrances developed specifically to work with candles, melts & diffusers.

We do not test on animals and all our products listed do not contain any animal-derived products which is ideal for vegan use. 

Unless you’re creating plain candles then the scent of your candle is going to be one of its main features - how many times have you been in a shop and started smelling the candles on offer and only then taking a look at the container or packaging… A fragrance more than often sells a candle!

Scents can evoke memories, create an atmosphere, change a mood or alleviate stress plus much more…

How much fragrance oil should I use?

Candles: Use 5% to 10%. Example - at 10% a bottle of 100ml will be added to 1kg of wax.
Diffusers: Use 25% - So to make 100ml of diffuser oil you would need 25ml Fragrance oil and 75ml of diffuser base.

Some waxes may have a maximum percentage of fragrance oil that they can hold so check with the individual wax you’re using.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) & IFRA: All SDS & IFRA sheets are available from the individual product pages and we also sully some CLP label templates/information for popular percentages of fragrance.

All bottles are filled to a minimum amount, some bottles may vary when compared side by side but you will receive at a minimum the amount you have purchased.