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2 Large Tin Candle Making Kit

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Do you dream of being more crafty and creating lovely things for your home or for personalised gifts? Do you know someone who loves to spend their time in crafty pursuits? Do your crafts not live up to expectations and you want a kit with easy to follow instructions and everything you need. Then this candle kit is for you or maybe one of our other candle kits with more tins or glass jars. 

This candle making kit will allow you to make two tin candles. We provide you with exactly the right amount of wax for the two tins, measured out fragrance oil, the wicks, wick stickies and wooden stick holders. All you need is a jug to melt the wax in, a thermometer and something to stir the wax with.

Kit Contents

  • 350g Soy Container Wax
  • 30ml Fragrance Oil
  • 2 Large Round Tins
  • 2 Pre-Waxed Wicks Attached to Metal Sustainers
  • 2 Wooden Wick Holders
  • 2 Wick Stickies
  • 2 Safety Stickers
  • Easy to follow Instructions