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Golden Wax 494 Soy - Melt & Tart Soy Wax

£5.29 excl. VAT £6.35 Inc. VAT

Golden Wax 494 is produced by AAK and is specifically developed for wax melts and tarts, it has an excellent scent throw with great colouring ability and ease of release from moulds.

Using 100% soy and botanical oil formula resulting in a smooth appearance.

This blend has not been designed for use as candle wax and will not work with a wick.

Packaged in a flake form.

- Maximum fragrance load: 12% (don't assume that using more fragrance will give a better scent throw)
- Melt point: 48°C - 52°C
- Pour temperature 70°C (lower for plastic clamshells)