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Order by 10AM (Mon-Fri) sent out the same day - Local Collection Available

VRL Series Wick

£1.00 excl. VAT £1.20 Inc. VAT

Packed in 10's

Wedo VRL (Previously CSN) Wick is made using reinforced ring-spun cotton with a natural wax coating, allowing for easy wicking of container candles.

VRL works best with natural and soy waxes.

VRL wick gives a consistent and even burn and comes with metal tabs already fixed in place, allowing wicking to be as simple as possible.

We sell our coated wick in a pre-cut and pre-tabbed length of 120mm, allowing the wick to be trimmed as needed.

VRL wick is lead and zinc free.

Size Chart: This chart will give you an idea of the size you will need for the diameter of your container - using soy wax.

Wick Name/Model Diameter of Candle
Wedo VRL 5

Up to 35mm Diameter

Wedo VRL 7

Up to 40mm Diameter

Wedo VRL 9

Up to 45mm Diameter

Wedo VRL 11

Up to 50mm Diameter

Wedo VRL 12

Up to 55mm Diameter

Wedo VRL 14

Up to 60mm Diameter

Wedo VRL 16

Up to 65mm Diameter

Wedo VRL 18

Up to 70mm Diameter

Wedo VRL 22

Up to & over 75mm